How to Download ?

Features list:

  • Automatically installation and configuration. You can select a custom settings before install.
  • Filtration game list. You can see only which games can be downloaded automatically. Those games that you download manually, will also be listed. This feature is temporary not available.
  • Includes spesial service application. Automaticaly checks for updates.
  • Includes confiuration application. You can change settings after install.


Change Log


  • Cracked Steam Launcher.
    • Now you can run Steam even if the process of No-Steam game hangs after you exit from the game.
  • Installer.
    • Updated counter-strike source client.gcf (v81).
    • Updated patcher GreenLuma (v2.0.3).
    • Minor fixes.
    • [Full distribution] Updated platform Steam (version from 22 march 2011).
  • Steam pathes.
    • Updated SmartSteam to version test-258.
      • Added support for different modes of subscription applications.
      • Added masterserver patching.
      • And more…
    • Configuration options ( © [user] / Anti-Steam ) for SmartSteam. Added the following profiles of subscription applications.
      • All installed and all, that available to download.
      • All installed and only main, that available to download.
      • Only installed.
      • All apps (as it was before).
      • Only activated and bought (works as a licensed steam, but no regional protection).
  • Cracked Steam loader.
    • Changed setup validation.
      • Allowed to move the program folder in a single computer.
      • Allowed to run this program with modified (infected) executable file.
  • Full installer.
    • Updated Steam platform 
    • Winui.gcf is removed from installer.


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