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Name: Dead Effect 2

Version: 161213.1706
Root: No

-Crosshair (Pre-Modded)
-ESP lines & 3D boxes (Don’t use it while aimbot is on)
-Show Distance (Don’t use it while aimbot is on)
-Shoot 2 bullets at once (Pre-Modded)
-Fast Movement
-Mass Kill
-Silent Aimbot (No need to aim at the enemy just shoot near them)
-Inf Ammo (Pre-Modded)
-Inf Money (Pre-Modded)
-Inf Crystal (Pre-Modded)
-Inf Upgrade Points (Pre-Modded)
-GUI Improvements

Install Steps:
1. Download Modded APK
2. Open APK then download resources

-If it says you cant download resources then go to googleplay download the game from there to 1% then click cancel and try my apk again.
-You will have to sign in to continue playing after chapter 1 if you have facebook installed in your device then delete it or disable it and you will be able to sign in with facebook normally in the game.

Credits To: XxRuitxX


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